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English Language Learning Coordinator

Amerigo Education

Napa, CA,

English Language Learning Coordinator

Amerigo Education

Napa, CA,
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Overview In addition to local operational responsibilities, this position will partner with the organization’s senior leadership team to develop replicable best practices that can be shared throughout a growing family of partner schools. The breadth of oversight and management responsibilities of this position will grow as the organization expands. Responsibilities & Qualifications KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Establish and maintains an appropriate plan of ELL instruction for all students Work with students to establish, assess, monitor, and achieve learning goals Review progress toward goals with students on a regular basis Administer English language proficiency assessments throughout the year to monitor progress and share results with partner school staff Administer twice-a-year summative tests to report growth in proficiency Keep records for student profiles, including ongoing student portfolios Develop a clear system of instructional interventions to share with partner school staff should students plateau in language acquisition Create appropriate learning environment: stimulating, active, safe, respectful, project-based, etc. Involve students as a resource in planning, peer assistance, school operations and service Help students use a variety of technology strategies to support their learning and ensures students are proficient in navigating the systems of partner schools Seek ideas and resources to augment the instructional program Instruct English Language Arts for ELL Regularly check a variety of sources for instructional ideas and support Coach partner school staff in the area of sheltered instruction and best practices Deliver professional development to partner school staff when needed, as well as colleague to colleague professional development Serve as an advocate for all students and collaborate with partner school staff when needed Collaborate in weekly or bi-weekly meetings with ELL director KEY QUALIFICATIONS The successful candidate will be an entrepreneurial, energetic leader with a love of working with people, particularly adolescents. This person will be organized and have excellent written and oral communication skills. This person must be resilient and reliable while demonstrating an ability to build a strong community culture within a global environment. In addition, they will possess: Minimum Master’s Degree in TESOL, applied linguistics, or other related discipline. Willingness and ability to work some nights and weekends. 2+ years prior experience in international, multi-cultural environment working with English as a Second Language students, classroom management training a plus. Working knowledge of one other language or experience in learning a foreign language. Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, or Portuguese language abilities preferred.

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Amerigo helps international students discover their passions, build lifelong friendships, and most importantly, thrive in the classroom. Through our boarding programs operated in partnership with American preparatory schools, we ensure that students receive the support they need to prosper in high school and grow into leaders that go on to succeed at American universities. At all of our campuses, Amerigo builds a close-knit community with support from caring mentors and programs to advance their English skills, academic abilities, and personal development. Each day, we strive to provide students with an enriching experience that builds the foundation for a bright future.


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We believe that in today's world, any child can achieve their dreams with the mastery and tools cultivated by a modern education: rigorous studies of the arts and sciences, training in critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and the enhancement of communication skills across a variety of media. But we believe that equal in importance to the content of education is the context: the environment of support and guidance received from their mentors, peers, and community at large. Together with our partners, our mission is to provide both an exceptional education that allows each student to realize their potential and to support them in a community of peers and mentors that inspire each other and help each other grow.


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