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National Sales Representative

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

St. Cloud, MN ,

National Sales Representative

Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

St. Cloud, MN ,

We’re growing our sales team in our St. Cloud, MN office!

“Simply put, what would I be doing?”

Think of yourself as a consultant that has the ability to ship anything. You’d be reaching out to customers with the established and reputable brand of ATS.

“Hmmm…sounds easy! Why do customers even need us?”

Have you ever taken a minute to think about what all ships on a truck? (EVERYTHING) Ever think about all the things that could impact a shipment delivering on time? (Weather, traffic, engine troubles, pretty much ANYTHING). Our customers don’t have time to worry about the logistics of getting their freight picked up and delivered

 “But, I’m looking for an opportunity that gives me a greater purpose.”

Did you know that if trucking stops, within 2-3 days food shortages would escalate and supplies of essentials like bottled water would start to disappear? Talk about a big responsibility and even bigger impact!

“What does it take to be successful?”

  • Self-starter
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships
  • Desire to want to help others
  • Strong work-ethic
  • STRONG sense of integrity

“There are a lot of logistics companies out there, why should I choose ATS?”


To spare you the time, below are some highlights!


  • Initial and ongoing training program
  • Opportunities for career growth across all ATS operating divisions
  • Lucrative compensation program (Base salary starting at 43,000 or more, DOE) plus12 month long training incentive/commission and a long-term monthly incentive program thereafter.)
  • Potential- While it takes a lot of work and dedication, top reps are earning up to $100,000+ in this role.
  • Benefits package including life, health, vision and dental insurance as well as a PTO and 401k program.
  • Financial stability; ATS is a 66 year old family owned, privately held, debt free company.
  • Wellness program to encourage your personal growth and healthy lifestyle!


Join our ATS family and apply today!


Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and veteran friendly employer!

About Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

You want a career home that rewards ambition and empowers you to establish the work/life balance you need.  But with so many companies promising the world, it's hard to know which one will actually deliver. 

Discovering your path to a rewarding and well-rounded future doesn't have to be hard. Everyone deserves a job they love where they can succeed at their fullest potential. 

ATS is one of the largest transportation companies in the U.S. Founded in 1955, we focus on customers, reward drivers, and provide unparalleled customer care with state of the art technology and modern trucks and trailers. 

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